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Pirate v. Devil

Choosing the Only Adventure Since April 2006

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Born of the unholy union between college mascots and cage fighting, Pirate v. Devil is two Midwestern English majors' dreams made reality. cashbox and kickouttheiambs are true creative partners in the spirit of very awesome things including but not limited to:

Bear suits
Eye patches
Forked tails
Motherfuckin' booze
Bad 90's ska

You are probably asking yourself where this magical, amazing story came from. And the answer, children, is here:

The seed of Pirate v. Devil germinated in the blood-soaked soil that was Apocalypto! The Mascot Cage Fight Blood Feud Challenge...

and emerged one rainy morning in the country next to the ghetto outside of Detroit as the anti-climax, or: what happens after Apocalypto!?

Want to know what happens next? Choose the only adventure, children, in pirate_v_devil!
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